JEDIA Mouse Pad Review

Mousepads are inexpensive. Plus, they are not just available just in fabric but also in plastic and metal. Fabric mousepads are the cheapest ones but they start looking shabby within a few weeks of use. The Bitpro LGM gaming mousepad is made of plastic and is recommended for gamers and digital artists who require a high level of accuracy and fast, smooth mouse movements. The metal ones such as this Jedia mouse pad are recommended for almost everyone, except gamers because they do not offer as smooth, fast, and accurate movements as the gaming mousepads. 

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Quick Video:

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Quick Summary: 

Name: Jedia Mouse pad 

Features: One side is of metal and the other one is of faux leather. Both sides can be used for mousing.  

Pros: Solid and durable, works as expected, lightweight, portable

Cons: The metal side makes a scratching noise 

Our Rating: 4/5

Full Written Review:

In our earlier blog on Bitpro LGM gaming mousepad, we had discussed why the mouse is a very basic and yet indispensable laptop accessory. The modern mice work well on all types of surfaces except glass and some shiny surfaces that reflect the laser light. And yet, you must use a mousepad because it helps provide smooth, fast, and accurate mouse movements. Smooth mouse movements can minimize errors and keep your wrist comfortable during full-screen movements. 

Well, you won’t realize it unless you actually compare using a mouse on a mousepad versus any desk surface. 

In this blog, we will provide you a detailed review of the JEDIA mouse pad and why we recommend it so much. 

Surface and texture

It is available in 5 pretty colors. All of them have a black leather-like surface on the reverse side. Although the colored aluminum side is meant to be used for mousing, we use the leather one instead and it works for us. The leather surface doesn’t provide as precise mouse movement as the aluminum one but we are not gamers, so it suits us perfectly. 

The reason why we don’t use the aluminum side is that it makes a lot of noise. Watch the video above. It comes with anti-friction stickers for the mouse to reduce the noise when it slides on the metal. The stickers gather a lot of grime and do not help much in terms of minimizing the noise. 

Jedia mouse pad comes with four anti-skid stickers for the base. We have used it on wood without those stickers and it worked well. But, most buyers have mentioned that you will have to use them on glass and other smooth surfaces to prevent the mousepad from slipping off. 

Ease of use 

If you have used foam mouse pads for years, you would have realized how irritating the side stitchings are. They not just irritate your wrist but also block smooth mouse movement. Metal or plastic gaming products like this Jedia mouse pads do not have any stitching, so you can use its entire surface and cover more cursor movement with minimum wrist movement. 

One thing that you must understand is that being made of metal, Jedia mouse pad tends could get extremely cold or hot, depending on the environment you are using it in. In such cases, it may not feel comfortable under your wrist but you can use the leather side to avoid such discomforts. 


The mousepad feels solid with no imperfections on either side. It isn’t a thin and flimsy piece of metal. We haven’t measured it but it is about 3mm thick and solid. The edges are sanded well so it won’t scratch your laptop or tear your bag while traveling. 

Unlike the BitPro LGM gaming mousepad, the leather surface doesn’t wear out so easily. Even if it does, you will still have its aluminum side intact. Some buyers were worried that the leather side may peel off after some time. But we don’t think so. It is firmly attached to the metal side, almost as if it is built into it. So, peeling is not something that you should be worried about. 


  • The colors are true to their names. They are bright and attractive. 
  • Being a metal mousepad, this product can be used on bed or a couch, or even in your car. 
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • More durable than cloth and plastic mousepads. 


  • As we mentioned above, the aluminum surface is noisy and the noise-dampening stickers are of no good. You will either have to settle down with the leather surface or bear the contact stretching noise. Well, metal mousepads are noisy and you can’t do much about it. 

Our Rating: 4/5

Our Verdict: 

Jedia mousepad is a good product. It is durable, easy-to-maintain, portable, and quite attractive. It works as expected. The only reason we rated it 4 stars is because of the scratchy noise you get when you use the metal side. Otherwise, it is a fantastic product. Worth trying. 

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