Bitpro LGM Gaming Mousepad Review

Bitpro LGM mousepad is a mid-priced product suitable for most of us, even if we are not into gaming. It comes in a pack of two; a large one for desktops and a small portable one for travels. Single large one is being sold individually but the set of two just cost an extra $2, which is why we had ordered the combo one for us. 

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Quick Summary: 

Name: Bitpro LGM Gaming Mousepad

Features: Comes in large and small sizes, has an anti-slip base, provides smooth mouse movement 

Pros: provides high level of accuracy required by gamers, digital artists, and even by general people like us, easy to clean and maintain

Cons: No major issues found. Minor issues listed below

Our Rating: 4/5

Full Written Review:

Wondering who cares about mousepads these days? The old trackball technology is gone and the modern mice equipped with laser/optical sensor technology can work on almost all surfaces; wood, plastic, and even on your bed sheet or pillow! 

Well, mousepads are still important; not just for your comfort but also for precision and speed. Gamers, photoshoppers, digital artists, and many other professionals require a high level of accuracy and speed. But, we believe all of us want our mouse to work smoothly and effortlessly, which is why a mousepad is a very basic thing to have in your laptop bag. 

Conventional hard-finished mousepads are good but gaming mousepads are better because

  • As obvious, they are designed for gaming, which is why they have their own specific textured surface that provides enough resistance to make your mouse work when you want it to work and stop when you want to stop. This helps ensure a high level of accuracy. The conventional mouse pads provide little resistance and controlling your cursor movement often requires an extra, unconscious effort. 
  • The traditional, inexpensive mousepads usually have thick stitching around the edges. This stitching can create a lot of abrasion, which can alter/slow down the movement of your mouse. Gaming Mousepads have stitch-free design, so there is literally nothing that can slow you down.
  • Mousepads for gaming are bigger and have an extremely stable base. You don’t need to worry about slips and falls, especially on glass surfaces. Plus, large ones can be used to keep your monitor or other laptop accessories stable and safe on the desk.  

Interested in gaming mouse pads?

Check out our Bitpro LGM mouse pad review below.

Key features of Bitpro LGM gaming mouse pad

  • Dimension: large one measures 11.6” X 9.5”. Small, portable one measures 9.45” X 7.87”
  • It has a textured, low-friction, hard-plastic top layer, which is enough to provide controlled movements to your mouse. The texture is grainy but not itchy. 
  • The base is made of high-density silica gel, which locks it in its place to provide you a smooth, effortless mouse movement. 
  • The edges are not stitched, so you can conveniently use it for full-screen movement. 


  • As per the manufacturer, you can put the smaller one inside your laptop for quick transportation. We haven’t done it yet but we can guess that it can be done. The mouse pad is thin enough to fit inside your laptop without damaging the screen or the keys. 
  • Bitpro LGM gaming mousepads are more durable than the traditional cloth-covered mouse pads that wear out within a couple of months. The sides won’t fray and the stitches won’t come undone. 
  • You can wipe clean or wash these gaming mouse pads, so they won’t start looking old and grimy within a few weeks of use. Some buyers have even washed it under running water without any problem. 


  • When you move the mouse, it creates an odd scratchy noise because of friction. The noise is much less than what the metal mouse pads generate. So, it isn’t a big deal though. 
  • The pictures the manufacturer has uploaded on Amazon do not show any logo on them but the actual mouse pads come with logos printed on them. The logo reads ‘Seihoo’; not ‘Bitpro’ as we had expected. We double-checked to see if we have received the wrong order but the order was correct. Many other buyers too have got similar products. Well, unless the product turns out as expected, we don’t mind the logo at all. 
  • A few buyers have stated that the top surface starts to wear out after a few months of use. So don’t expect it to last for years, specifically if you are a gamer. Well, in terms of durability, even expensive products such as Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad don’t last beyond a year. This is a cheaper option. 

Our Rating: 4/5

Our Verdict: 

Bitpro LGM gaming mouse pad has received 4-stars and above ratings from more than 90% of buyers. Clearly, it is worth buying. Don’t get misguided by its name. It is equally good for gamers as well as for general use. If you want a bigger gaming mouse pad, something that can hold your keyboard as well as your mouse, we recommend Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

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