One Beat 6-Outlet Surge Protector review

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Full Written Review:

Finding an outlet to plug in your phone’s charger or laptop is a constant struggle in everyone’s life. This is because the number of gadgets and machines that we use these days are far more than what we owned a decade ago and almost all of them require electricity. 

We can’t have too many power outlets in our home or home office but we can obviously use outlet extenders to plug in more than one device from the same outlet. The market is flooded with such inexpensive and indispensable accessories. While most of them are safe, you still need to buy the one that provides the most value for money. One Beat 6-outlet surge protector is one such product. 

Here are some of the key features of One Beat 6-outlet surge protector: 

  • Has 6 AC outlets and 2 USB port outlets that you can use to charge almost all your accessories such as camera, phones, ipads, etc. 
  • Has built-in surge protector to protect your devices against electricity spikes. 
  • The manufacturer claims that One Beat 6-outlet surge protector is equipped with smart IC charging technology that helps charge your devices at the fastest possible speed
  • Can fit in standard outlets as well as decorator outlets. You can remove your existing outlets and use One Beat 6-outlet extender instead. 
  • Certified by ETL, FCC, and ROHs.
  • Comes with 12-month warranty. 


  • It sticks out about 1.5 inches from the wall and has a groove at the top that can hold your phone while it’s charging
  • A great product for people who travel very often. Most hotels do not have enough power outlets to let you charge or plug in all your devices at a time. 
  • One Beat 6 outlet surge protector extender has an LED indicator that indicates if your devices are properly grounded or not. Helps keep them safe and prevent electrical hazards. 


  • A few buyers have stated that the outlets are a bit closely placed. So, if you are using devices with thick plugs, you may not be able to use all the outlets. 
  • Some buyers, in their reviews, have mentioned that the USB ports stop working after a few weeks. One Beat 6-outlet surge protector outlet extender comes with a 12 months warranty, so you can reach out to the company for replacements. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

The durability complaints are isolated cases. 95% of buyers have rated it 4-stars and above. It works as expected and that’s all that matters. Highly recommended.

Other alternatives to consider: 

One Beat 6-outlet surge protector is a mid-priced product. Numerous cheaper alternatives are available too. But, make sure you check the Joules rating. The higher the joule rating, the better protection it will offer. Most cheap products have a low joules rating, so they won’t be able to keep your devices safe from power spikes. 

One Beat 6-outlet surge protector has a joule rating of 490, which is pretty decent. The Philips 6-Outlet Extender Surge Protector is rated 900 Joules and costs $3 less but it doesn’t have any USB port. POWRUI Surge Protector has 1680 Joules rating plus it provides three levels of surge protection. But, it too has closely placed outlets, which makes it difficult to use devices with bigger plugs. Addtam Store USB Wall Charger Surge Protector is expensive but worth its price. It has 1800 Joules rating plus it has 1 USB C port and three USB A ports. 

One Beat 6 outlet surge protector provides maximum value for money, which is why we have chosen to review it here. 

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