Why a Good Office Chair Might Not Be the Solution to Your Sitting Pains

Sitting is the new smoking and who doesn’t know that! Yet, we sit back to back for more than 10 hours a day because we don’t have a choice (well,…

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Engineered Now Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron hair

Engineered Now Headrest for the Herman Miller Aeron Review

Although there are several headsets that you can use with the Herman Miller Aeron chair, the Engineered Now headrest and Atlas headrest are the most sought-after products. We have ordered…

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Gaomon drawing tablet

GAOMON PD1161 11.6 Inches Tilt Support Drawing Pen Display

Gaomon manufactures some of the best drawing tablets. Its PD1161 is a groundbreaking product meant for people who have just started sketching, animation, etc. and for those who require it…

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Huanuo single monitor stand

Huanuo 17-32” Monitor Mount Stand Review

As you know, positioning your monitor correctly can help reduce fatigue, eye strain, as well as posture-related problems such as back pain and neck pain. It also helps reduce glare…

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Steelcase Gesture Office Chair Review

Steelcase Gesture With Headrest Review

Let’s admit it; a $1500 chair is ridiculously expensive.  But, they are still popular. There has to be a solid reason behind why people are opting for them, even though…

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Ttstar Microphone Professional for iPhone Review

Full Written Review: iPhone has a pretty decent audio quality but its inbuilt mic is not a condenser microphone i.e. it isn’t designed to pick up sounds with high level…

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One Beat 6-Outlet Surge Protector review

Full Written Review: Finding an outlet to plug in your phone’s charger or laptop is a constant struggle in everyone’s life. This is because the number of gadgets and machines…

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Amazon Basics Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone With Tripod Review

When we first received it, we were taken aback by its cheap look and feel. The plastic felt cheap and weak. Plus, we also didn’t like the amount of shininess…

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JEDIA Mouse Pad Review

Mousepads are inexpensive. Plus, they are not just available just in fabric but also in plastic and metal. Fabric mousepads are the cheapest ones but they start looking shabby within…

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Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse Review

Name: Logitech MX vertical mouse wireless Features: has 57 degree tilted handle, which the manufacturer claims is the most suitable position for our wrist, comes with three connectivity types, has…

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