Saiji Laptop Bed Tray Table Review

Saiji Laptop Bed Tray Table Review

We have recently reviewed quite a few laptop stands on our website. Most of them such as the Nexstand laptop stand and the PWR+ laptop stand are meant for keeping your laptop at an ergonomic angle on your desk. Both of them are portable and are extremely useful for people who travel a lot. 

But, what about those who are stuck at home, working from their bed or couch? 

For them, we highly recommend this Saiji Laptop bed tray table. A few of our team members have used it for weeks while working from home during this pandemic. We are quite happy with its build quality and usability. 

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Quick Summary: 

Name: Saiji Laptop bed tray table

Features: Height and tilt adjustable, grippy faux leather surface, has a storage drawer, removable laptop stopper

Pros: Good value for money, can be used as an alternative to standing desk, high-quality and durable

Cons: Not major problem found 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Full Written Review:

Key features of the Saiji laptop bed tray table 

  • Dimensions: 23.60 inches x 12.60 inches x 1.00 inches
  • Weight: We have L size, which weighs around 5 lbs. XL one weighs around 9.5lb 
  • Adjustability: The height can be adjusted between 9.4″ and 12.6″. The surface can be tilted up to 45 degrees. 
  • The surface of the Saiji laptop stand is made of PVC leather
  • Has a small storage drawer under the left hand side of the table
  • Has a removable, movable laptop stopper and a concealed mouse stopper
  • Legs can be folded for storage under the bed or inside a cabinet
  • 12-month replacement warranty 

Build quality 

93% of buyers have rated it 4 stars and above. Thousands of buyers have stated that they are impressed with the built and versatility of the Saiji Laptop bed tray table. We have used it too and we absolutely agree with them. 

The PVC leather surface is tractioned to prevent your laptop from slipping down when you tilt the stand. Other laptop stands that we have used are just plain and do not offer any protection against slippages. For extra protection, it comes with a removable, movable laptop stopper

Some buyers were worried that the faux leather surface could affect the laptop’s cooling. But, after using it for a few days they realized that it actually doesn’t. We used our laptop for a few hours on it and checked the surface. It wasn’t hot to touch, indicating that the leather surface isn’t blocking the ventilation. 

The rubber-lined groove to hold the laptop stopper or your phone, pen, pencil, etc. is definitely a thoughtful addition. It is low-profile and doesn’t irritate the wrists. 

We found it a bit high when used on a couch. But, not many buyers had any issue with its minimum height. Most buyers have mentioned that the legs are wide apart to let you sit in any position you want.

As mentioned above, Saiji laptop stand for bed comes in L and XL sizes. We have the L-size that can easily accommodate 15” devices and yet have enough room for a mouse. The XL one is currently out of stock but most people won’t need it. 


Well, you need to use both hands to adjust its height and tiltness. But, making adjustments is pretty easy and quick. The designated slots further make it easier to adjust and hold the laptop at its respective height or angle. 

Value for money 

Saiji laptop stand for bed is a mid-priced product. But, its built and design makes it worth its price. Cheaper laptop stands for beds are often unstable and smaller in size. If you work for just a few hours a day, you may go for HUANUO Lap Desk or SISFORCE Laptop Table for Bed. But, these are not as stable as the Saiji laptop bed tray table. They wobble when used for writing and when typing.


  • Can be used on the bed and couch. Plus, you can use it to create your standing desk!
  • Can be tilted for reading. Other competitive laptop stands do not have a tilt feature, limiting their use. 
  • The sled legs make it easier to slide the stand away from you. The other laptop stands with flat legs are too difficult to slide. They often get stuck. You have to remove your laptop and lift them up. 


  • The storage drawer gets stuck sometimes. It isn’t absolutely smooth to use, like your cabinet drawers. But, it will be unfair to expect that kind of smoothness. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

This desk offers everything that we need to work comfortably from our bed or a couch. Plus, when we want to stand and work, we simply put it on any of our tables or any work-from-home furniture. Highly recommended. 

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