PWR+ Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser

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Quick Summary: 

Name: PWR+ laptop stand

Features: All the joints can pivot 360 degrees and can be made to stay at any height or angle as desired. Has an aluminum tray with a lip to hold the laptop securely. 

Pros: Can be adjusted at any angle so you can use it anywhere, even on your couch

Cons: Requires too much adjustments every time

Our Rating: 3.5/5 

PWR+ laptop stand has 3 joints that can pivot to 360 degrees which offers a high level of adjustability at the exact level and exact angle that suits you best.

With three joints that can pivot to 360 degrees, the PWR+ laptop stand offers a high level of adjustability so you can make micro-adjustments and place your laptop at the exact level and exact angle that suits you best. 

The traditional laptop stands come with preset levels. Those levels help make quick adjustments but they don’t let you make micro-adjustments. Very often, the preset levels either make your laptop stay a few centimeters above or below your sweet spot. This doesn’t concern most of us but if you have stiffness or pain in the back or neck or some other issues, you might want to buy a PWR+ laptop stand or similar products that lets you adjust the stand to any height and angle that best suits your needs. 

Being a super adjustable laptop stand, PWR+ riser sounds quite tempting. However, many buyers have found it irritating and time-consuming. If you have been thinking of buying this stand, you must understand its operational process and its uses in detail. This is exactly what we will be discussing in this blog. We will provide you with a detailed review of the PWR+ laptop stand so you can decide if it is really worth buying it. 

Let’s begin our PWR+ adjustable laptop riser review by looking at its key features. 

Features and specifications of PWR+ laptop stand 

  • Dimensions: 20 x 11 x 3 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Height adjustability range: up to 19 inches from the base
  • Has 360 degree pivoting joints so you can set it up in any position as you want
  • Compatibility: Laptops of all makes and models ranging from 10.1” to 17”. Netbook, chromebook, ultrabook, and Macbook can also be used. 
  • Has an aluminum tray to hold the laptop and a different holder for the mouse
  • Has inbuilt cooling fans. You can connect them to your laptop using the provided USB code. The manufacturer claims that these fans prevent overheating of the device. 
  • Comes with 2-year warranty 

Fully adjustable frame 

This illustrates how the legs of PWR+ laptop stand can pivot to any angle you want offering as much adjustability and versatility as you may require.

As you can see in the above image, the legs of PWR+ laptop stand can pivot to any angle you want. The manufacturer claims that you can rotate them to 360 degrees, which makes it one of few laptop stands that offer as much adjustability and versatility as you may require. 

The adjustments can be made by pushing the buttons located on the joints. Once you release the buttons, the frame gets locked at that specific position. Now, that sounds pretty easy but a lot of buyers are unhappy with this ‘fully-adjustable’ PWR+ laptop stand. That’s because it requires a lot of guesswork. 

With preset levels, you just have a few options; maybe 3-8 levels of height adjustment levels. When you start using them, you can instantly figure out which level works for you. After a few uses, you will just have to open the frame, set it up at your regular level, and done. But, that’s not the case with the PWR+ laptop stand. There are 3 joints and all of them can pivot in any direction you want. If you want to use it, you will have to specifically remember the angle at which each joint sits, or else you will have to do guesswork every time you open it for use.

PWR+ laptop stand is a good option if you just let it sit on your desktop. But, if you need something portable that you can carry along for trips, meetings, etc. you will have to spend a couple of minutes every time only to figure out the angle that worked for you the last time! 


The height adjustability feature is so amazing that a few buyers have stated that it can be a great alternative to buying a standing desk
  • The height adjustability feature is so amazing that a few buyers have stated that it can be a great alternative to buying a standing desk. Of course, if you are a really tall person or if you have to do a lot of typing, this won’t work as good as a standing desk. Yet, many of us who can’t afford to or don’t want to spend heavily on height-adjustable desks, can actually use it instead! If you need a standing desk or an adjustable desk, here are some of our recommendations.  
  • Many buyers have stated that although the spot for the mouse is not that well-built, it is still better than using your couch cushion as a mouse pad. 
  • We haven’t used the cooling fans because we never needed them but if your laptop tends to overheat when you rest it on your blanket, using this PWR+ laptop stand is a better idea. 
  • The fans aren’t completely silent but they are quieter than other laptop stands we have tested. 


  • As mentioned above, you have to spend a lot of time fiddling with the legs to find the proper angle and height. This is because all of its joints pivot freely. There are no fixed presets to make it easier. It is good if you want to leave it on your desk forever. But, if you want a portable laptop stand, maybe you should check out Nexstand Laptop Stand. 
  • The legs do not have any anti-skid pads. They tend to slip with use. Some buyers have stated that you can glue some rubber to the lower base to prevent it from sliding. 
  • A few buyers have stated that you can’t use this stand to put your laptop at an angle. It will slide down and touch the metal lip. It will not fall off but the metal lip will cause discomfort to your wrists. 
  • Not as compact and portable as Nexstand and other similar products. 

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Our Verdict: 

Well, theoretically PWR+ laptop stand is an amazing product. It offers everything you would ever need to keep your laptop at an ergonomic angle and work comfortably from anywhere. But, it isn’t that great practically. No one would want to spend minutes fiddling with the joints every time they have to use it. It should have slots instead. 

But, as we mentioned above, if you have no intentions of folding and unfolding it repeatedly, it isn’t a bad option. 

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